The Boat

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The boat - 'Van Nelle' in just one of the breath-taking towns en route.





The wheelhouse is a perfect place to view the passing parade, have a casual lunch or breakfast, or read a book, sheltered from the breezes on cooler days.




The huge saloon / dining / galley area furnished with TV, stereo, cocktail cabinet and library.






One of the two spacious guest bedrooms - double beds of course.






The vasr rear deck on which there is a huge Jarrah table for outdoor barbecues and picnics.  Easy chairs with large cushions are also here for relaxing days cruising the idyllic canals and rivers of France.




Van Nelle emerging from an early morning mist, gliding almost silently through the hushed countryside.







(Left) Van Nelle - Some pics of before and after.  (Below - Before) as she was, straight out of the water for her survey.  Remarkably clean after 4 or more years and as it turned out, with no areas requiring re-plating.




(Right)  After.  This was after 2 coats of primer and antifoul and two coats of black upper hull paint.





(Left)  Propellor and rudder in good shape before repainting.






(Right)  Some serious scraping and varnishing had to be done.






(Left)  And the work was done over two months before Maureen arrived to do the interior.





(Right)  Johan rewiring the Baudouin, 6 cylinder diesel engine.  An expert job by a very lovely guy who is the Engineering Director for a television broadcast company - doing this in his spare time.




(Right) A basic layout of the boat






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