Scotts and Hodders at lunch on VN








Scotts and Hodders at Goldfish Restaurant     








 Marseilles old port fort







Marseilles old port, schooner    








 Riviera Coast











Some yacht !  Monte Carlo    








 Princess Grace of Monaco - at rest









One of the spectacular fish in the Monte Carlo    

Oceanographic Institute aquarium     







(Below)  The Monte Carlo pleasure boat port.



 At Sienna some boys publicising something ???









Maureen in the Sienna Palio, scene of the famous    

horse races in August and September     







 Someone has to try to straighten the leaning tower of Pisa








Randy and Nancy - currently building a spectacular Earth history     

attraction at Riccione in Italy.  Three large screen format theatres     

with amazing special effects - volcanoes, earthquakes, etc !!!     







 One of San Marino's forts above the clouds








 Decoration on the walls and ceilings of a palace    







 The grave of an unknown Australian Airman at Riccione.  Stan Watt

of Snap Instant Print flew fighter bombers here with Brits and other











The Doge's palace at Venice on the Piazza San Marco    

on the Grand Canal. Spectacular inside    


















Jay on a gondola 'traghetto'.  These are the low cost way to    

have a ride on a gondola, they offer cheap ways to cross the Grand     

Canal in certain marked places.    






  Juliet's balcony in Verona.  (Romeo's Juliet that is).









At the best 'Slow Food' restaurant in Bra - home of    

slow food - the opposite to 'fast food'.  We are with    

Elena Aniere from WA who is working with the    

Slow Food Institute to bring it's benefits to Australia.    

Traditional recipes, traditional and sustainable hand    

grown ingredients   



Another spectacular sunset in the south of France







Storm clouds at Gra du Roi, the King's Port near    

Aigues Mortes on the Mediterranean.    






The pot of gold is on the bow - somewhere.







The artist at work.