Below - At anchor outside Marseillanne on the

Etang du Thau


Right - waiting for a turning bridge at Moissac in the middle of the town









Below - the bull exits stage left while the boy hides

in the water on the right of the pool













Above right - The Cruiser Colbert and us




Below - Eating escargots at a street market



Right - Flat out working for OZ













Below - The 7 locks at Foncerannes - note the oval shape












Above right - Temp is 47 max - 21 min




Below - a beach at Vias on the Med.  And on the right - an evening scene on the Camargue at La Maguelone



















Below - On the Pont Canal (a bridge) over the River Garonne - and on the right - reflections.

















Running the bulls at Grau du Roi


Right - Sand castles on the beach at Grau du Roi
















Dinner on Board for the Scotts and Hodders







 Below right - the sports version on the Canal du Midi










Below - a re-constructed windmill in the country

above Homps