During the past 3 years we have investigated numerous families now resident in Australia but with origins in the United Kingdom.  This has required  research from W.A. and travel to the UK.



A Western Australian family handed us a sheet of paper with the names and supposed birthdates of Irish cousins and asked if we could complete a family history. Over a period of a year we have discovered their ancestors back to 1694, mapped each generation, integrated their existence with local and regional history to provide a contextual environment and written the story of their family from evidence gathered.

This required database research from Western Australia and travel to Ireland to access certificates, photographs and oral historical information from the Catholic Church (where we were given personal access to private documents), from the state, Births, Deaths and marriages in Dublin and from the family - oral history and photographs.

We disproved incorrect biographical information and established accurate birthdates, ages and names of family members, established previous marriages and divorces and discovered unknown relatives.



A local family explained their great great grandfather was a coach painter in London and their great great great step father fought with Nelson at Trafalgar and asked us to provide details.  Unfortunately none of the above was true but through our research we established several wonderful trails of adventure and of families rising from illegitimacy, illiteracy and shame to be pillars of their community.

This research took us from a year of research locally to the Family Registry in London and to Dublin to gain documentation only available by personal request.  In many cases we were able to use the resources of our professional colleagues in the UK to do much groundwork at reasonable cost and combined the research trip with a personal trip to Europe, therefore vastly reducing costs.

In all cases, the result of our research ends up as a handsome hardback, full colour book which can be updated and printed at very reasonable cost in small numbers as new information is discovered - or created with the arrival of new generations.

WARNING:  There are organisations, websites and individuals who will offer quick and relatively inexpensive information, swearing it to be true and relevant to you on all manner of information from family name and coats of arms to family histories going back for hundreds of years.  Without verification that absolutely connects YOUR family to this information IT IS USELESS.